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Complimentary Whitepaper! Landing Page Design

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Regardless of your profession or industry, it’s easy to understand why you always need to be aware of your audience and their needs. No matter who you’re educating, speaking to, writing to, or presenting to, you need to always be focused on how your message applies to your audience’s interests and intentions. Your audience will be diverse and, correspondingly, they may also be fickle! So generally, you’ll only have a few seconds to attract your audience’s interest.

Importantly, this rule is very much applicable to your online audience as well. And knowing how to keep their attention (and keep them on your website!) can be a tricky skill to master. Just one small mistake on your landing page can cost you a customer!

For September’s Internet marketing expert webinar, WSI Certified Research Analyst, Chuck Bankoff, will be facilitating a free webinar that will take you through the appropriate steps to keeping your audience interested and ultimately get your business increased conversion. He’ll share proven digital marketing methods that will work to turn your site’s visitors into paying customers.

To supplement his webinar, Chuck has also made a complimentary whitepaper available with even more industry tips and best practices for creating effective landing pages appropriate for your business and your audience.  Entitled “Landing Page Design: Common Mistakes & Tested Techniques,” this whitepaper will cover constructive, best-in-class digital marketing techniques for your landing page strategy.

Some whitepaper highlights include:
  • Best process for designing your landing pages
  • Common design mistakes to avoid
  • How to create compelling content on your landing page to draw interest and drive conversion
  • Determine which elements are absolutely essential to your business’ landing page

Skills like these do not come naturally, so this whitepaper is definitely worth checking out. Together, the free webinar and complimentary whitepaper will provide a comprehensive view into industry expertise and solutions for your business’ landing page strategy. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll know exactly how to execute landing pages that will appeal to your audience and to your conversion rate.

Click here to download your complimentary copy of the whitepaper.

Also, be sure to register for the free webinar before spots fill up!


Bloggers Apply Here

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blogging is one of the best digital marketing methods used to increase your Internet visibility (you’re reading this aren’t you?). Being a “guest blogger” on someone else’s blog just increases your reach that much more. Not only does it give you instant exposure to someone else’s audience and associate you with other highly respected bloggers, it also provides a valuable link back to your web property. Everyone wins; the blog gets some fresh new interesting content, and the guest blogger gets more exposure for their own blog, website, brand or products.

Just remember that this isn’t a secret. Many other talented subject authorities are seeking the same exposure on the top blogs. So how do you differentiate yourself and snag one of those prime guest blogging spots? Here are a few tips:

  1. 1. Understand the Blog…Know your audience: Yes, you might actually want to READ the blog you are soliciting BEFORE writing your articles. Popular topics evolve and if yours is of no interest to the owner or the readers, your blogging request will be denied. Go back a few months and get a feel for the theme and the direction of the topics being discussed. Don’t pitch topics that have already been covered unless you have an interesting rebuttal or a completely different take on the subject.
  1. 2. Know the Rules of the Road: Not all blogs are looking for guest bloggers, so if it’s evident they don’t, you might be able to pitch them the idea. If they do accept guest bloggers, they might actually have blogging guidelines posted on their site. If you break the rules before you get started, chances are you won’t be taken seriously by the managers and you will probably blow the opportunity.
  1. 3. Write First, Ask Later: The more popular the blog, the busier the blog managers. Don’t bother going through a long relationship building courtship…get right to it. Just write the article (after assuring yourself that it is appropriate) and send it to them. If they like it, they publish it and no one has to jump through too many hoops. If they don’t like… shop it around to another blog, or use it yourself.
  1. 4. Credibility… Credibility… Credibility: This may be obvious, but and article written by an industry expert will carry more weight than just a random person with an opinion. Along with submitting your initial article, make sure that you explain why you are qualified to write on a certain topic or how you can bring a fresh new perspective to that topic.
  1. 5. Write an Interesting Headline: There is so much information out there that people no longer read…they scan. That goes for busy blog editors as well as curious readers. Think about your own reading habits when surfing the Internet. We all do the same thing…we scan headlines and move on until something catches our eye. That’s when we take the time to read the article. Write something amusing, witty, mysterious, shocking, or even a question that infers an answer in the article.

OK, I guess I’ve convinced myself. If you want to take a shot at guest blogging, contact me here, and be my guest….

Learn more about how you can enhance your business’ online brand and build your online credibility.


Facebook Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook

Bob Peterson - Monday, August 23, 2010
From's Facebook guide delivers expert analysis on the latest Facebook developments, helpful tips, tricks and how-tos, and the latest updates on privacy, Facebook apps and more.

Read the article...


Are Marketers Struggling to Keep Up with Social Trends?

Bob Peterson - Monday, August 23, 2010
AUGUST 20, 2010 - from eMarketer

Marketers are challenged to stay up to date on the latest developments
Social media is no longer new, but it’s still a turbulent space. Just a couple years ago MySpace was on top of the world, only to be ousted unceremoniously by crowds flocking to Facebook. Twitter crept onto the scene and then exploded with growth in 2009, putting itself on every marketer’s radar. New trends are developing in the social location-based area, and that’s not counting the seemingly constant mergers, acquisitions, startups and failures.

Little wonder that marketers find it difficult to stay on top of the hottest social media trends. A May 2010 survey from staffing firm The Creative Group found that 65% of US marketing executives considered it at least somewhat challenging to keep up.

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WSI Seminar Materials Now Available

Bob Peterson - Thursday, August 19, 2010
We've just posted the recording, whitepaper, and slides for the Driving Business with Local Search seminar held on August 18, 2010. It was a very informative seminar about using Google Places to promote your business locally. 

You can find it here:

Stay tuned for information about September's seminar.


Half of Mobile Users to Be Web-Enabled by 2013

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, August 10, 2010
The web will be moving to mobile devices...

Because of the rising adoption of smart mobile devices, eMarketer forecasts rapid increases in the number of mobile internet users in the US, with the total surpassing 100 million next year.


Double Digit Growth for Local Mobile Audience

Bob Peterson - Monday, August 09, 2010
This is where we're headed... LOCAL search will become more and more important on mobile phones. For you iPhone users, check out the Billy Sims BBQ app.

(From eMarketer Daily)

The ever-present mobile phone is becoming an increasingly important source for local business information, both through mobile Web browsing and local-oriented apps. Full Article


Boosting the Power of Marketers’ Tweets (

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Marketers must encourage syndication of their content

Twitter may be a hot marketing channel, but it’s consumers who dominate the landscape and set the tone on the microblogging service. According to the “Twitter & the Consumer-Marketer Dynamic” white paper from digital marketing agency 360i, more than 90% of tweets come from regular people, compared with just 8% from marketers.

A major goal for marketers on Twitter is to enlist the help of those regular people in the form of brand advocacy. Brands trying to take advantage of the earned media potential on Twitter should be trying to spur both discussion and syndication—or retweets—of their content.

The white paper found that three-quarters of marketers’ tweets consisted of general information or news content. Marketers spent just 16% of their 140-character messages conversing with consumers.

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Smartphone Users Want More Wi-Fi (

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Connecting to networks can be a hassle, but worth it

Mobile data traffic has exploded in recent years because of the popularity of smartphones and mobile data plans for netbooks, laptops and devices like the iPad. Coda Research Consultancy predicted in March 2010 that data traffic from mobile handsets in the US will surge to 327 petabytes per month in 2015, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 117%. And ABI Research reported in May that smartphones and connected computing devices would contribute 87% of all mobile network data traffic in the US.

Full Article


5 mobile megatrends (and how to prepare)

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, August 04, 2010
August 04, 2010


  • Any marketer developing an app or mobile-formatted website today should also design a tablet and TV version
  • Start to reformat most online offerings into HTML5 compatible pages ASAP
  • Marketers would be wise to get into Android's Market, before it clutters up.

Read the full article...


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