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Get Your Car Ready for Winter Driving

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Tending to car maintenance can feel a lot like going on a diet. It can feel tedious while you’re in the throes of it, but it sure feels good when you see the results.

Winter car maintenance is particularly important – and can be especially rewarding. After a long summer of running your air conditioner, you may have depleted your vehicle’s coolant or AC’s pressure levels. And with a long winter ahead, knowing your battery, brakes, tires and other components are in tip-top shape will imbue you with confidence every time you turn the key in the ignition.

You might decide to tackle some car maintenance issues on your own. Or you might choose to make your life easier and bring your vehicle to the service experts at Ford Country. Either way, if you’re keeping a car maintenance checklist, you’ll want to make sure it includes a check of the following (listed here in alphabetical order):

  • Air filter, which stops dirt, debris and other outdoor contaminants from entering the engine. A clogged filter affects the smooth operation of the engine and diminishes the effectiveness of the heating and cooling system.
  • Battery and charging system, which should be tested to ensure it’s strong enough to start the engine in cold weather. At Ford Country, we check the battery cables and terminals, too.
  • Brakes, on which your life could depend. The Ford Country service experts inspect the lines, pads, shoes, rotors and drums, too.
  • Drive belts, which deliver power to the engine’s various components. The alternator delivers power, the water pump cools the engine, the power steering pump eases driving and the air conditioner compressor cools the air. None of these components would function without a drive belt.
  • Engine hoses, where it’s common to find cracks or leaks after a long, hot summer.
  • Lights, which ensure your safety (and attract the attention of law enforcement when they’re burnt out). Your vehicle has many lights requiring maintenance, including the back-up lights, brake lights, emergency flashers, headlights, taillights and turn signals.
  • Tire tread, an issue often sneaking up on vehicle owners. Uneven wear can sometimes be remedied by rotating the tires. Other times, it signals an alignment, suspension or wheel balance problem. Tire tread is super important for safety in wet or snowy driving conditions.
  • Tire pressure, which directly affects handling and stability, gas mileage and the life of tires.
  • Transmission, brake and power steering fluids, which ensure those vital systems work steadily and efficiently.
  • Wiper blades and washer fluid, which many people understandably don’t fully appreciate until they perform poorly – or leave them in a blurry situation.

Leave Your Vehicle in the Care of the Service experts at Ford Country

With a list this long, you might well decide to leave winter car maintenance to the service experts at Ford Country, especially if you have several vehicles in the family. Besides, we go over your Ford vehicle so thoroughly we’re bound to find – and fix – minor problems before they develop into major and costlier problems potentially leaving you stranded at the side of the road.

If tending to car maintenance feels too much likegoing on a diet, plan to stop by our very own Mustang Sally’s Country Diner for All-American Breakfasts, great sandwiches, ½ burgers and more!

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Get More with the Redesigned Ford Super Duty for Sale

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, December 13, 2016


From the Ford Super Duty's first unveiling in 1998 to 2016, these heavy-duty pickup trucks have gone largely unchanged. And truck aficionados haven't minded. This is the truck of trucks, boasting a 43% block of the US's heavy-duty pickup market, meaning nearly half of the country's population who are looking to tow or haul massive loads choose a Ford Super Duty pickup.

But times are changing. In 1998, gasoline cost a mere $1.15 a gallon and excess weight was no problem. After 18 years, the time for a redesign is here to make every Ford Super Duty for sale more attractive than ever. This massive overhaul includes new base materials, new frame, powertrain upgrades, a myriad of new technologies and all at the affordable price Ford truck buyers expect.

The Ford Super Duty Pickup Changes

The Super Duty redesign begins at its core. A stronger and stiffer high-strength steel frame carries the military-grade aluminum alloy body that makes up the truck's boxes and cabs. This body upgrade shaves off an impressive 350 pounds from its previous design, yet it boasts greater towing and hauling capabilities with two new engine choices. These engines, paired with the weight loss, enable the new pickup models to be more energy efficient than their predecessors. Plus, with an increased fuel tank capacity of 48 gallons, 2017 Ford Super Duty drivers can go further and get more done before the need to stop and re-fuel

Because for many Super Duty pickup owners this is their transportation and their office, Ford engineers added an incredible amount of new storage capabilities. Drivers will enjoy a new lockable under-seat rear storage box, more lids on various compartments and even a unique moveable cupholder for space flexibility.

New camera systems are included to make driving a heavy-duty truck easier than ever. This includes an all-access 360-degree camera that provides a split-screen view around the vehicle, forward-facing 180-degree camera to assist in pulling out from blind drivers, cargo bed camera mounted by the brake light, trailer camera that can zoom in on the hitch and even an extra trailer camera that can be hooked up and synced with any attached trailer.H2: Ford Super Duty For Sale @ Ford Country

And these features are just the beginning of what the new 2017 Ford Super Duty, for sale at Ford Country Las Vegas, has to offer. This will be the best version of America's favorite pickup truck, built for the current age and ready to withstand another 18 years. Learn more and test drive a Ford Super Duty for sale by calling 702-558-8063.

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Advice on Choosing a Transmission for Ford Vehicle- Manual Vs. Automatic

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Have you ever driven a car with a manual transmission?

Many drivers today can't say they have, but plenty of car manufacturers still offer this option, and for good reason. If you're shopping for a new Ford vehicle, you're in luck because this company makes cars with both manual and automatic transmission options, which allows you, as a consumer, to make the car-buying decision best for your unique needs.

If you're on the edge about your decision to buy a manual or automatic transmission, here are some pros and cons of each to help you decide:


Historically, sporty cars come complete with manual transmissions, giving the driver full power of the car's performance. There was a time when cars with manual transmissions were far faster than their automatic transmission counterparts. Although technology has largely changed the speed at which we travel, many owners of sports cars still prefer a manual transmission that puts the power in the palm of their hands.

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is an awesome example of a sporty ride that does well with a manual transmission. This athletic automobile is chic and racetrack-capable (if you're planning on taking your heat to the approved streets.)

Fuel Efficiency

During the early days of the automatic transmission, manual vehicles were far more fuel efficient. Today's technologies, however, emphasize optimal gas mileage, no matter how your transmission is handled. Transmission hybrids rule today's car lots, allowing drivers to shift between automatic and manual drive as they see fit.

The Ford Focus has an optional automatic transmission; great for drivers who are looking for the best of both worlds, and this compact car tends to rate quite well in terms of overall fuel efficiency.

For folks who focus on a manual transmission, the Ford Focus RS is a monster machine whose capabilities are only meant for a stick shift.

Ease of Use

Drivers who aren't accustomed to a clutch may find themselves frustrated when rush hour arrives. Although seasoned stick shift drivers don't often notice the difference in bumper-to-bumper traffic, people who are used to automatic transmissions often fall prey to irritability when in a jam.

If you're someone who finds yourself sitting in traffic or stopping at signs on every corner, you might find an automatic transmission to be more convenient for your needs. City drivers who experience a lot of stop-and-go, whether it's caused by interstate stoppage or inner-city signage, often prefer automatic transmissions to take care of the shifting for them.

Each Ford vehicle is designed to meet its new owner's needs. Automatic and manual transmissions are each great in their own right, and your personal lifestyle may ultimately dictate the best decision for your future transmission.

Before you buy your next Ford vehicle, make sure you test drive both automatic and manual transmission options. Come see our team at Ford Country in Las Vegas, and let us help you find your next automobile. Call 702-558-8063 to schedule your test drive today!

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WSI Adds Ninth Community to SEO Project for MorningStar

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, December 13, 2016


WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched SEO efforts for MorningStar Assisted Living and Memory Care of Boulder, part of the MorningStar network of over 20 senior living communities located in the Western US.

Previously, WSI has optimized the web pages of the Arcadia, Arrowhead, Fountain Hills, Sparks, Ft. Collins, Billings, Jordan and Bear Creek locations and all are showing excellent results. Based on these results, MorningStar has been continuously expanding its engagement with WSI, and is likely to do so in the future as well.

The latest community to benefit from WSI’s SEO is MorningStar of Boulder which, of course, is located in Boulder Colorado, just North of Denver.

For the on-page optimization, we focused on 2 pages on the MorningStar site. Since each community offers a different mix of services and focused geographic areas, the keywords mapped to the pages differ across communities. You can see the pages optimized for the Boulder community here:

With the SEO optimized pages now up on the site the off page optimization is beginning. Initial off page strategy includes citation building for the community as well as an intensive blogging effort. These high quality blogs will be syndicated to WordPress, Weebly, Blogger and Tumblr.

Each month of the SEO implementation will be monitored and carefully tracked along with the other communities. Key metrics that will be measured include links, rankings, organic visits and leads from organic visitors.

We fully expect to see the same results for Boulder that we are seeing at the other eight MorningStar communities.

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Castlebrook Media Teams up with WSI to Provide SEO for Columbus Auto Dealership

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, December 13, 2016


WSI has partnered with Castlebrook Media, a leading Columbus Ohio advertising agency to deliver world class SEO services to Dan Tobin Chevrolet Buick GMC.

While there are many new and used car dealers in Columbus, Ohio, Dan Tobin Chevrolet Buick GMC stands out among the competition. They offer a large selection of new, certified pre-owned and used trucks and cars, take pride in their professional approach to assisting their customers in finding the most suitable vehicle for their budget as well as helping them through the financing and trade-in process. Dan Tobin Chevrolet is one of the newest Chevy dealers Columbus Ohio has seen in a while, having opened in 2015, and their extensive inventory includes the full lineup of Chevrolet’s coupes, hatchbacks, convertibles, sedans and SUVs in a range of colors and models.

A longtime client of Castlebrook Media for traditional advertising, Dan Tobin was seeking a more comprehensive approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and naturally turned to Castlebrook for guidance. To better serve their client in this area, Castlebrook reached out to WSI in order to bring WSI’s global expertise in SEO to bear on improving Dan Tobin’s visibility in the search engines.

The SEO will focus on two primary areas: Used Vehicle Sales and Chevrolet Vehicle Sales. In addition, it will be designed to improve both the ranking of the Dan Tobin web site as well as the increasingly important Google Maps listings for the dealership. After comprehensive keyword research, specific keywords were selected and 19 new SEO optimized pages were created. Then, employing advanced on-page optimization techniques, the pages were perfectly optimized for the selected keywords and their stems. Here are links to the 19 pages that were added:

Used Cars Columbus Ohio

Used Cars for Sale in Columbus Ohio

Used Car Lots in Columbus Ohio

Used Car Dealerships in Columbus Ohio

Used Trucks for Sale in Columbus Ohio

Used Car Dealers in Columbus Ohio

Certified Pre Owned Cars

Used SUV for Sale

GMC Trucks for Sale

Buick Enclave for Sale

Chevy Dealership

Chevy Trucks for Sale

Chevy Cars for Sale

Chevy Camaro for Sale

Chevy Tahoe for Sale

Chevy Silverado for Sale

Chevy Colorado for Sale

Chevy Equinox for Sale

Chevy Suburban for Sale

With the on-page optimization complete, the SEO will now focus on improving the popularity of the new SEO pages through a comprehensive content marketing program. This program will include registering both the Chevy showroom and the Buick GMC showroom in local business directories, posting on its Google+ pages, posting to several popular blogging platforms Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Storify, and Weebly.

Each month of the SEO implementation will be monitored and carefully tracked. Key metrics that will be measured each month include links, rankings, organic visits and leads from organic visitors.

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WSI Engaged for Air Charter Company Website Redesign and SEO Initiative

Bob Peterson - Monday, December 05, 2016


WSI announces that it has recently partnered with Air Charters Inc. of Teterboro NJ to provide a digital rebranding and redesign of their website and other digital assets, as well as a comprehensive paid and organic digital marketing initiative. The new website can be viewed at

Air Charters Inc. is a private jet charter company based in Teterboro New Jersey with its own fleet of Learjet and Gulfstream aircraft. They have been in the aviation industry for more than 30 years and are a full service private jet charter and management company offering private jet rental services and aircraft management in the New York Metro area, but flying globally. Air Charters’ client demographic is corporate executives looking to hire a private jet for convenient and discreet business related travel or for private individuals and groups looking to travel in style and luxury away from the hassles of commercial airline travel.

Air Charters also offers comprehensive and affordable Jet Aircraft Management Services, including charter offset management whereby owners of jets can offset the cost of maintaining and flying their jets by chartering them when they're not being used. With its unique experience running aircraft, and its presence right on the tarmac at Teterboro Airport, Air Charters represents one of the best value propositions in the jet aircraft management world.

WSI Marketing Program for National Brand Development

WSI consulted on the re-design and development of the Air Charters Inc new website, and constructed a broad national marketing program, which is geared towards executive and private travelers looking to charter private planes for their travel needs or wanting to have their private jets operations managed by a third party. The program is designed to create awareness on the time saving and convenient advantages of private jet charter for busy business executives as well as for individuals looking for private specialty travel.

Through its elite national branding program, WSI customized a content strategy for Air Charters through on-page and off-page activities. Using our unique and proprietary techniques of Search Engine Optimization, WSI conducted an in-depth keyword study in order to better understand how customers search for terms related to private jet rental. These key search terms were then correlated into the website through strategically written web copy. WSI’s National SEO Program will also produce quality blog, graphic, social media and video content to syndicate on external web properties including Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Weebly in addition to several other content distribution platforms.

“We are extremely pleased with the visuals and content of our new website and social properties and new leads have already started arriving in at 50% more than previously." Says Susan Bopp, president of the company. "We are confident that combined with the robust marketing strategy presented to us by WSI, our business leads and ROI will continue to increase.”

Call WSI for a Digital Branding Overview

No one has more experience in creating a digital brand than WSI having done this for hundreds of clients over our 20 year history. If you are contemplating a rebrand of your company or franchised business, you owe it to yourself to call us today.

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WSI Partners with HomeWorks to Deliver Award Winning Senior Care

Bob Peterson - Monday, December 05, 2016


WSI announces that it has recently been awarded the contract to introduce HomeWorks by United Methodist Communities, an in-home senior care service covering central New Jersey. The initiative is part of the United Methodist Communities continuing non-profit mission to bring the finest care and support to senior citizens throughout the state.

united methodist communities of nj

WSI designed and implemented as the backbone of the new marketing effort to introduce their home health aid service to seniors and their families. The website retains the branding of the main corporate site at, but expands and the type of services provided by the brand as well as their unique non-profit mission.

WSI was engaged to do the web design and implementation, as well a provide all the copywriting and SEO operations for the new business initiative. WSI engaged in a detailed business analysis with its UMC partners and produced substrategies for a number of the most unique aspects of the UMC offering. These marketing treatments seek to differentiate UMC HomeWorks services in a crowded New Jersey home health aide market.

This business discussion informed extremely detailed Search Term research across specific NJ counties and towns. As a result WSI created SEO optimized page content on a number of topics which marry searcher’s intent to the unique service offering of the brand.

The WSI Digital Marketing Program

Through its elite regional branding program, WSI customized a content strategy for HomeWorks through on-page and off-page activities. Using our unique and proprietary techniques of Search Engine Optimization, WSI conducted an in-depth keyword study in order to better understand how customers search for terms related to the home health care industry in NJ. These key search terms were then correlated into the website through strategically written web copy. WSI’s SEO Program will also produce quality blog, graphic, social media and video content to syndicate on external web properties including Tumblr, WordPress, and Weebly and Blogspot in addition to several other WSI proprietary content distribution platforms.

Call WSI for a Digital Branding Overview

No one has more experience in creating a digital brand than WSI having done this for hundreds of clients over our 20 year history. If you are contemplating a rebrand of your company or franchised business, you owe it to yourself to call us today.

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Increase Leads and Sales with Digital Advertising

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, November 30, 2016


With all the clutter and distraction of the digital world, getting the attention of your audience is an increasingly difficult task. Content, video and social media marketing are all worthy digital tactics – but they have one thing in common: they take time to deliver their value to audiences and don’t generate quick sales.

Properly managed digital advertising campaigns, however, are a fast and efficient way to drive new leads and sales to your business. To show you which digital advertising strategies to use – and when to use them – we created a video on how to Increase Leads and Sales with Digital Advertising:

Step 1: Identify the Right Search Criteria

The one big advantage marketers have is access to an unprecedented amount of data on customers (or at least the groups customers belong to). The key is using this data to identify the right search criteria for digital advertising campaigns.

Details like location, age, interests and Internet activity provide valuable insight businesses can use to not only better target their ads but also make them less intrusive. Many consumers and Internet users are weary of ads but maybe that’s because most ads are poorly targeted and invasive? As marketers, we can do better!

Step 2: Advertise On the Appropriate Ad Networks

It’s impossible to make a catchall ad platform recommendation because the truth is the best platform is different for every business. If you have a great Facebook business page and receive lots of engagement on your posts, then Facebook Ads are for you. But if you don’t have an existing audience on Facebook then you aren’t likely to generate one with a few ads.

Like it is for many other digital marketing components, knowing your audience is more than half the battle in achieving success.

Step 3: Put Campaign Tracking in Place

When you implement campaign tracking as part of you digital advertising strategy, you’ll immediately know when certain keywords, times or target groups aren’t working. And to a strategy that revolves around paying money for clicks, it’s crucially important to stop your campaigns the moment they aren’t performing to the standards you expect – because then you’re just wasting money. Put campaign tracking in place – it’s worth the extra work!

Step 4: Carry Out Split Tests

In the same way tracking campaigns is important, split testing similar keywords, images and text is a great way to maximize the ROI of your digital advertising campaigns. If you’ve got two keywords you like you don’t have to guess which one is better – split test them and use the one that performs better!

Step 5: Measure, Improve, Repeat

There are many different forms of digital advertising. There’s only one way to tell whether PPC, social or display ads are best for you: try them all and measure your results. May the best format win.

If you would like more information on digital advertising or professional help implementing digital ad campaigns, get in touch with your local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant today.

About Cheryl Baldwin

Cheryl Baldwin, Director of Marketing Communications at WSI, oversees WSI’s Marketing Department. She’s an integral part of the WSI’s global brand presence and corporate identity.

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5 Things You Need To Know About the Future of Digital Advertising

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Digital advertising has exploded over the last decade, and for good reason. There is no doubt that this is the internet age, and if your company hasn’t embraced digital marketing, it may soon get left behind. Advertising in the digital world is not just a trend, and some experts believe that it may soon all but replace traditional forms of reaching out to consumers. Digital advertising is fast, effective and inexpensive. This makes it an ideal choice for both consumers and marketers. Here are 5 things you need to know about the future of digital advertising:

WSI Blog - 5 Things you need to know about digital Advertising

1. Mobile Advertising Is Here To Stay

Marketers have been discussing the shift to mobile advertising for years. Mobile advertising revenue grew by over 66 percent between 2014 and 2015, in comparison to desktop advertising, which was up by just 5 percent.

Mobile advertising is growing faster than all of the other digital formats in the United States. Still, there has been a large gap between the amount of time consumers spend on their smartphones and tablets and the amount of advertising dollars and time devoted to the medium, which is as low as 12% of most advertising budgets.

Consumers are using their phones to search for products, watch videos and read reviews. Just like any other advertising format, diversity will allow you to reach larger groups.

As technology advances, and marketers are able to better target consumers via their mobile devices, mobile advertising has become even more attractive. Because mobile ads perform so well, it’s easier than ever to optimize advertising to look great on smartphones and tablets, and certainly worth every penny.

2. Consumers Have Short Attention Spans

In general, consumers are easily distracted. Time is at a premium and multitasking is so common that keeping the attention of potential customers can feel almost impossible. In fact, the average attention span is 8.25 seconds. Most people will leave a site within 10-20 seconds, so it’s important that your digital advertising techniques work fast.

This means that content that is short and easy to consume will perform better. Videos and infographicsare another good bet. The more eye-catching advertising is, the more likely that it will grab the attention of your target audience. Advertisement needs to pack a punch, and it’s not unusual for a video, for example, to perform better when it is just a few seconds long.

3. Online Ads Easily Annoy Consumers

How and where you advertise online should be considered with care. As effective as digital advertising may be, it can’t work if consumers aren’t reached. Most internet users are blocking ads and muting, or skipping past videos. Ad blocking also happens more frequently on phones than it does the Web.

Because consumers now know how to reject and report ads, it’s vital to target them, so that your company is not bombarding people with information that is not relevant. Following the rules and deciding on digital campaign strategies with care can help to ease these frustrations and get the word out to those that you really want to reach.

4. Marketing With, Rather Than To, Is Becoming The New Digital Marketing Norm

Ads placed on social media platforms like Facebook can work, and work well. Facebook and Google, on their own, are responsible for 76% of internet advertising growth. That being said, your digital advertising plan should include more than just placing ads.

Millennials, in particular, are still using Facebook on a daily basis, even if it not considered the trendiest of social media sites. Facebook is an easy-to-use advertising platform that allows users to easily share information, which is why it is so popular with digital marketers. Other sites, such as LinkedIn, Pinterestand Twitter can still be great places to advertise, but it may take more sophisticated targeting.

Internet users are bombarded with over 5,000 marketing messages each day, so what doesn’t resonate with them is quickly tuned out.

When digital advertising is relevant, sharable and invites feedback, it’s easier to consume, especially by younger audiences. Engaging in content marketing, or sharing relevant content that may be associated with, but is not necessarily advertising, a product is one successful tactic. This must also be done with care, in order to avoid seeming to “advertorial.”

Internet users today are less likely to buy a product or service because they see an ad over and over again. If people are talking about, and sharing content from, a brand online, however, consumers feel like they are participating in a conversation, rather than being sold to. That’s how marketing with, and not to, works.

5. Chat-Based Marketing Is Growing

More brands are turning to chat-based marketing. This strategy engages Internet users to interest them in products or services and is highly targeted. This personal interaction seems to be working well, especially with consumers who might already be interested in what you have to offer.

These chats take place in chat rooms, on Internet forums, instant messenger services or on social network platforms. As personalized and effective as this form of advertising may be, it can be time-consuming, especially if you are attempting to attract a large number of new customers.

Creating a unique website that allows visitors to chat within it is one way to make chat marketing work for your company. This way, you have an opportunity to engage those that are already seeking out products or services like yours and appropriate attention can be paid to the right audience. Allowing consumers to come to you can also be less invasive, reducing the risk that you’ll offend or upset potential customers.


It’s no secret that digital advertising is effective, and it does not appear to be going away any time soon. In order to get results, however, it needs to be done well. By taking the time to develop a diversified digital marketing strategy, you can avoid placing too much emphasis on tactics that don’t work and connect with the customer base that you need to achieve success.


About Cheryl Baldwin

Cheryl Baldwin, Director of Marketing Communications at WSI, oversees WSI’s Marketing Department. She’s an integral part of the WSI’s global brand presence and corporate identity.

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Digital Advertising - Expand Your Reach

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The digital advertising landscape was once limited mostly to pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google. Today, savvy marketers have a growing toolbox of digital advertising options to expand their reach. Here are some of the digital advertising platforms that you should know about when planning your marketing and advertising.

Digital Advertising: Expand Your Reach

Paid Search Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

Paid Search Advertising, or pay-per-click, is one of the oldest digital advertising methods, but it remains a reliable method of reaching a large number of prospects at a consistent cost.

Google remains the largest resource for PPC advertising. Google AdWords, the search engine’s PPC platform, commands nearly 70 percent of the paid search advertising market.

With PPC, you advertise based on keywords users enter into the search engine. Marketers bid on keywords, which are terms relevant to their products or services. When users enter those keywords as search terms, advertisements featuring those keywords appear on the search engine results page (SERP) alongside the organic search results.

An effective PPC platform delivers significant advantages:

Display Advertising

More commonly known as banner advertising, display advertising allows you to place visually appealing, attention-getting ads on sites that your customers frequently visit. These banners are usually rectangular areas that contain your advertising information and that can be clicked to take users directly to your site.

It is best to use a direct publisher when applying display ads. This allows you to avoid third-party fees and can give you access to a larger number of display networks.

Using a demand side platform can let you easily bid for ad space on several different ad exchanges. Programmatic display techniques allow real-time bid management and monitoring of results.

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns (previously known as product listing ads) work well for marketers who are selling a specific product. They work much like PPC advertising, but display relevant information such as photos of your product and its price.

A manufacturer of kitchen goods, for example, could have a shopping ad that shows several different types of spatulas, along with the price for each.

When users click on shopping ads, they are taken directly to a purchase page for your product.


Remarketing is a method for putting your advertising in front of those who have already visited your site. It gives you the opportunity to bring viewers back to your site and re-engage with them, presenting another chance to market your offerings.

In essence, remarketing “follows” people who have visited your site and presents relevant advertising designed to draw them back.

Remarketing can target users while they are anywhere online. There are also remarketing methods for engaging with users who have abandoned a shopping cart or who are browsing on Facebook.

Social Media Advertising

Social media continues to dominate much of the attention of online and mobile users. The three powerhouses of social media–Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter–give you access to a majority of social media users. Facebook alone has more than a billion users, half of whom use the site daily. With social media advertising, you can easily get your advertising message in front of audiences with the specific demographics you seek.

  1. Facebook uses demographic data and user interests to target your advertising. This means that Facebook is a good platform for highly targeted advertising.
  2. LinkedIn is more suited to business-to-business advertising. A large user base of professionals and business people make LinkedIn a good resource for advertising business-related products and services.
  3. Twitter also allows you to target certain niches or groups of people to drive traffic to your website or build brand awareness.

An additional social media platform is the popular video site YouTube. Using YouTube for your digital advertising engages your potential customers in a way that is appealing, interest-grabbing, and effective.

An effective digital marketing campaign can engage millions of potential customers that can’t be reached any other way. Keep these platforms in mind and try one or a combination to see how they can increase interest, traffic, and conversions.


About Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith is a digital marketing professional specialized in strategic optimization of online paid media channels since 2002, leading multi-million dollar digital campaigns for all size clients.


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