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San Francisco Design Firm Re-Engages WSI for SEO

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Project 6 Design, a San Francisco-based graphic and web design agency has re-engaged WSI to for ongoing SEO. Since 2001, Project 6 Design has been helping companies communicate who they are, what they do, and why they do it best. Their expert team combines a sense of humor and creativity with discipline and focus, allowing them to deliver tools that integrate style with substance. The goal of the SEO re-engagement is to build on the progress already made to rank for keywords that their customers are searching for.

This portion of the SEO implementation is going to focus on three key conceptual areas:

Web Design Company San Francisco

Branding Agency San Francisco

San Francisco Design Agency

Since the site has already been optimized, this stage will focus on intensified off page optimization around the three keyword areas.

In addition, customized tracking of key performance indicators will continue. Each month WSI will measure links to the new SEO pages, rankings on the keywords, organic entrances pages, as well as leads from organic visitors. Lead tracking includes form submissions, as well as phone calls from organic visitors. With this approach we can see all of the elements which lead to the clients end goal: more graphic design engagements.

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Executive Employment Lawyer Engages WSI For Web Development and SEO

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Robert Adelson, Esq., a well-known Boston business and contracts law attorney has engaged with WSI for SEO services for his executive employment law practice. For over 20 years, Attorney Adelson has provided his clients with outstanding legal representation in areas of employment agreement, executive compensation, equity and separation matters. A frequent speaker and author, Rob has written numerous articles in the areas of employment agreements, non-competes and restrictive covenants, compensation, stock, stock options and executive equity terms. His articles have been published in The Culpepper Letter,Family Business, Boston Business Journal, Genetic Engineering News and Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology. In addition, Rob’s work as an executive employment attorney in Boston has been recognized in the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald and other publications.

The goal of the WSI engagement is lead generation. WSI conducted a careful analysis of the web presence and digital marketing activities performed by his previous marketing providers. The results showed that he has a 12-page responsive website, a 70-page older non-mobile-friendly website, a free Wordpress blog with hundreds of pages, a Findlaw profile and four highlights, and a monthly e-newsletter campaign that drives traffic to the Wordpress blog. There was much duplicate content in these web properties and a strategy for content marketing, link building and driving website traffic was lacking.

WSI’s digital marketing solution involves first rebuilding the 70-page website into a responsive website that complies with Google’s mobile friendly standards. Responsive websites enjoy improved Google search results rankings. The pages on the 12 page website were then redirected to the new website, preserving the links. Duplicate content was cleaned up.

Next, we performed comprehensive keyword research on the subject of executive employment and selected specific keywords that were then mapped to the relevant pages of the website. The keywords focus on what Attorney Adelson does, as well as what he is, i.e., executive employment lawyer. Then, employing advanced on-page optimization techniques, the pages were optimized for the selected keywords and their stems. Here are several examples of keywords that have been optimized on the site:

Executive Compensation Lawyer

Non-Compete Agreement Attorney

Severance Agreement Lawyer

Lawyer for Wrongful Termination

With the on-page optimization complete, the SEO will now focus on improving the popularity of the new SEO pages through a comprehensive content marketing and local SEO program. This program will include registering the website in local business directories, posting on its Google+ page, writing new articles, posting Rob’s speaker slides on Slideshare, and increasing his positive customer reviews. In addition, monthly blog posts will be written and syndicated to blogs established on the popular blogging platforms Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly. Monthly newsletters will include landing pages on the website to drive traffic to the website.

Each month of the SEO implementation will be monitored and carefully tracked. Key metrics that will be measured each month include links, rankings, organic visits and leads from organic visitors. We expect to achieve significantly increased lead generation rates from these SEO efforts.

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Software Developers Hire WSI for a Strategic National SEO Solution

Bob Peterson - Sunday, February 05, 2017


With headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Agnovi Corporation is a world-class provider of investigative case management software solutions for law enforcement and related sectors. Built on more than 30 years of experience in criminal investigations expertise, Agnovi strives to continue their leadership in providing software for intelligence and investigations while building their client base through impeccable service and hard work.

WSI’s undertaking for Agnovi was complex, featuring a national SEO campaign in a highly specialized industry and a complete website redesign. A fresh new look was created for the site and a mobile friendly design was implemented for ease of access. New web copy was written to exacting standards with a focus on expedient information delivery while targeting keywords specific to the tight niche. Prior to hiring WSI, Agnovi had experienced good online rank and a strong web presence but something went wrong. Agnovi’s visibility disappeared almost overnight and the crawlers were no longer able to properly index the old site. Our WSI team looked extensively at all possible issues and trouble-shooted for well over a week until the issues were found and fixed. Within just 60 days of the new site launch and a comprehensive SEO undertaking, Agnovi rank has already begun to skyrocket.

Agnovi provides the highest level of Law Enforcement and Investigative Case Management Software solutions to help police and law enforcement agencies across the United States and Canada gather, store, sort, access and analyze investigative information, improving efficiency and revealing new perspectives.

They also offer integration, customization and data transfer services as they relate to our product line.

Learn more about the solutions offered for the following investigation business lines:

* Police Case Management Software

* Major Case Management Software

* Fraud Case Management Software

* Criminal Intelligence Database Software

* Regulatory Compliance Case Management Software


View the site redesign by WSI eStrategies in Ottawa for Agnovi Corporation here.

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Transportation to Mobilization: The Ford Transformation

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Just over five years ago, Bill Ford, executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company and great-grandson of Henry Ford, led an earnest TED Talk conversation about the changing face of transportation. In this conversation, Ford enthusiasts and everyday drivers can catch a glimpse at the trajectory Ford plans to take. Ford examines the massive problems gridlocking pose in tomorrow's dense urban areas -- underscoring the 5+ hour commutes already occurring in fast-growing areas like Beijing -- and how that will impact our economic growth and ability to deliver necessary services like healthcare and food.

Ford's proposed solution?

"We are going to build smart cars, but we also need to build smart roads, smart parking, smart public transportation systems and more. We don't want to waste our time sitting in traffic, sitting at tollbooths or looking for parking spots. We need an integrated system that uses real time data to optimize personal mobility on a massive scale without hassle or compromises for travelers."

Five years later, consumers are starting to see the tangible impacts of this vision as Ford Motor Company rebrands itself as Ford Mobility Company.

In January, Ford made two exciting announcements about the notion of smart cars. For immediate benefits, the company entered a partnership with Amazon and the integration of their vehicles with Echo, the e-commerce giant's smart-home device. This allows drivers to request the device to remotely start the vehicle, check an electric car's charge, or to open the garage as the car turns into the neighborhood.

Ford also released more information about its development of the self-driving car, announcing they were putting 30 new autonomous test cars on the road in 2016 and a fully autonomous vehicle will be available to consumers by 2021.

City Solution Transportation Team Created

During its Investor Day in mid-September, the company disclosed it has created a new City Solution team to work with several of the major global cities to develop mobility solutions to solve those transportation problems Bill Ford noted half a decade ago. Furthermore, they have already selected the first city in which they will implement a unique problem-solving strategy: San Francisco.

The San Fransisco-Ford Motor Co. partnership involves the mobility company going beyond just vehicles to create more holistic transportation solutions. They are acquiring the city's crowd-sourced shuttle service Chariot and teaming up with bike-sharing provider Motivate. These two transportation alternatives will be linked to FordPass, the company's mobility service, and Amazon's Echo. Via one app members can be more knowledgeable about and gain greater control over their transportation choices to move faster and more efficiently in the manner the chairman expressed so many years ago.

The future of transportation is near.

To learn more about FordPass and Sync Connect found in current Ford vehicles, check out this tutorial. Or to see it in action, visit us today at Ford Country Las Vegas. You can also subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date with Ford's latest technologies.


Sacramento Area Telecom Company Engages WSI for SEO

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Fortis Telecom, a Sacramento area telecommunications company has engaged WSI to implement an SEO program to promote their 3 key services – High Speed Internet, VoIP, and IT Services. The goal of the engagement is to improve their online presence, improve lead generation, and automate the flow of leads into Salesforce.

WSI has optimized 8 pages so far focusing on carefully selected keywords that describe Fortis Telecom and its 3 key service offerings. Since some of the Fortis services are targeted toward local businesses, such as their IT Services, WSI will be optimizing additional pages that are geo-modified for local search to improve rankings in target cities where they offer those services. Below are some example pages from the initial SEO implementation:

business communications

high speed internet

cloud based hosted VoIP

IT services

fiber optic broadband

fixed wireless broadband

WSI also optimized Fortis Telecom’s home page, and set up tracking to measure the results. The tracking will measure links to the new SEO pages, rankings on the selected keywords, organic visitors to the new SEO pages, as well as lead tracking and conversions. Lead tracking includes form submissions, as well as phone calls from organic visitors.

In addition, WSI implemented a WordPress-to-Salesforce integration which sends all leads captured on the website into where they can be managed by the sales team at Fortis. This integration is key to filling their funnel with active leads, and provides for database segmentation by area of interest.

Off page optimization has just been completed which not only focused on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but additionally included LinkedIn to support their B2B presence. The off page optimization plan includes ongoing content creation and syndication on a monthly basis. This will include blogs, directory listings, and social media posts all designed to build links and social signals around the above keywords. The blogs will be syndicated to Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger.

About Fortis Telecom: Fortis Telecom is a full-service communications provider offering High Speed Internet, VoIP, and managed IT Services. Their hosted VoIP phone service utilizes proprietary software and fixed wireless technology to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional land based services. Their High Speed Internet business broadband is several times faster than T1 and DSL lines and equivalent to cable company internet speeds. They recently purchased Creative Networks Solutions and now offer managed IT services across the greater Sacramento area.

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Coldwell Banker Agent John O’Dea retains WSI For new Website & Local SEO

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Real Estate agent, John O’Dea, a 9-year veteran with Coldwell-Banker in the resort coastal community of Stone Harbor and Avalon, New Jersey has retained the digital marketing services of WSI to create a new website and implement local SEO.

The new site captures the beauty and exquisite vacation/second home locale of this Cape MayCounty vacation area, also known as the “7-Mile Island”.The website features three videos, select home sale imagery, a direct link to an MLS listing of all properties in the county, and, a newsletter designed to capture email address and interested buyers/sellers. The digital marketing plan includes regular and consistent blog postings, and other relevant content. Local SEO is claiming directories, building links and elevating online presence in a very competitive, high value residential real estate market, where the median price of single family homes is $800k.

About WSI

WSI is one of the world’s largest digital marketing agencies and a leader inInternet marketing, local SEO, national SEO, Paid Search and Social Media Marketing. With over 1,100 offices in 82 countries around the globe, WSI has helped thousands of companies develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Contact WSI today to discuss your goals, or to do an analysis of your current marketing activities.

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RL Miller LLC Chooses WSI to Expand Its Digital Footprint

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hydraulic supply and services company RL Miller LLC has been providing hydraulic components and performance-boosting, custom hydraulic system solutions to some of the biggest industries in the biz for over 50 years, but the hydraulic supply company’s online presence was losing pressure, fast. To give its digital marketing a push, it turned to the experts at WSI.

ydraulic Hoses Supplier

Beginning in 1959 in a small home office with the help of his wife, the adventure began when fluid power engineering genius Robert (Bob) Miller set out on his own. Rising to become industry leaders, the company now boasts not a small home office, but an entire hydraulic system design business, complete with fully-stocked warehouse and retail store, providing a trusted source for quality parts such as hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fittings and hydraulic filters, and unparalleled hydraulic system design experience and service.

From hand tools and heavy lifting systems to amusement park rides, mining machines, oil and gas, and even microbrewery equipment, RL Miller LLC has designed, repaired, and problem-solved it all to create safely operating, long-lived, high-performance systems with a unique approach that minimizes downtime and has customers coming back for more.

To get the online marketing performance back on track as quickly as they do their customers, RL Miller LLC turned to WSI, engaging them in an SEO campaign custom-designed to boost online visibility with 10 essential keywords linked to search success. The RL Miller LLC website also received a much-needed facelift, complete with a responsive design to ensure ease-of-use and compatibility with today’s much-used mobile devices.

To further boost page rankings and site traffic, as well as to continue to engage existing clientele, the regular addition of informative blog posts to both the client’s site and offsite blogging accounts including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Weebly offers further means of syndication and sharing.

About WSI

WSI is one of the world’s largest digital marketing agencies and a leader in Internet marketing, local SEO, national SEO, Paid Search and Social Media Marketing. With over 1,100 offices in 82 countries around the globe, WSI has helped thousands of companies develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Contact WSI today to discuss your goals, or to do an analysis of your current marketing activities.

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Glentworth Security Ltd Retain WSI For Local SEO & Paid Search

Bob Peterson - Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Glentworth Security Ltd has continued to use WSI for their local SEO and paid search services after coming to us in November 2014 for a new website to increase leads and enquiries for their security business. Glentworth Security Ltd provide high quality security personnel, on demand for all your business security needs covering South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.


Glentworth Security Ltd offer a wide range of security services for businesses. All of their officers are great people trained to the current regulatory standards, security industry authority licensed and paid over the national minimum wage. They provide the following services as well as bespoke security services to suit your business security needs:

Construction Site Security

Static Security Guard

Mobile Security Patrols

Night Porter and Concierge Security

Alarm Response Service

Vacant Property Inspection Services

Security Industry Training

WSI was hired to create a new responsive website and implement and search marketing campaign. This involved creating numerous optimized service pages (and geo-targeted service pages) along with building links via blogging and local directories. We also implemented a geo-targeted paid search campaign. As part of our ongoing work WSI is also providing Content Management services to the firm consisting of high quality, relevant blog posts and articles which will be posted on blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

Previously Glentworth were not ranking for any local search terms apart from the town where they are based despite providing a wide range of services in their county. They are now ranking on page 1 in Google for 17 out of their 25 keywords with 16 of those being in the top 5. WSI will continue to provide monthly reports to which we review so that we can continue to offer stretegic advice in order to boost local rankings and page dominance for their services.

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Assisted Living Chain Expands Relationship with WSI

Bob Peterson - Thursday, April 07, 2016


WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched a SEO initiative for a 2nd location of MorningStar Senior Living, a network of senior living communities located in the Western US.

Our first implementation for the Phoenix location, MorningStar Assisted Living and Memory Care at Arcadia, continues in the off page optimization phase and all signs are positive. Rankings, visits and conversions are all up.

The 2nd location, MorningStar Senior Living of Sparks, is located in Sparks, NV near the city of Reno. The Sparks location offers independent living, assisted living, memory care and short term care. Their goal is to create a true home where residents can enjoy their retirement years as carefree as possible.

To begin optimizing the Spark pages we chose keywords based on relevance and search volume thorough comprehensive key word research. A master keyword was chosen, as well as supplemental keywords in the same semantic category. URLs were changed or created for new pages and new SEO friendly copy was written.

See the live pages here :

Assisted Living Reno NV

Senior Living Reno NV

Independent Living Reno NV

Assisted Living Sparks NV

Memory Care Reno

The optimized pages have been live for only a short time and already the organic footprint of the Reno-Sparks pages is growing stronger. During the next several months, the off page optimization including additional link building and blog syndication to Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly and Blogger would accelerate these trends.


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Brad Weil Retains WSI to Create his New Website

Bob Peterson - Thursday, April 07, 2016

Brad Weil is a California State Bar Certified Bankruptcy attorney located in Carson California. He specializes in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings, and has six years of experience in the field. He has successfully handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases so far. 

Attorney Brad Weil has a master’s degree in intellectual property. He originally went to law school to basically become an entertainment lawyer. He was going to do trademarks, copyrights and sound tracks. When he completed law school in 2008 and did a one-year LL.M. program, which is a legal masters, he had an epiphany.

According to Attorney Brad Weil “if we’re going to protect the multi-million dollar, multi-billion dollar institutions that are taking advantage of the American people, we’ve got to protect the individual. And that’s when I discovered bankruptcy which, in my opinion, is the one of the most powerful tools against the banks as an individual that you can use. And I just frankly fell in love with it”.

Mr. Weil has been performing his own marketing until 2015, when he discovered that his talents can better serve the community if he concentrates on his number one job, being an attorney. At that time he enlisted WSI to create a new website, and now completed, the SEO process will be next.

The website is currently awaiting SEO setup, where the content will be modified to suit the selected key words and phrases, which are to be selected in the near future.

Mr. Weil can be reached through his internet location at

WSI is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world, with over 1,000 offices in 81 countries. Born in 1995, at the birth of the Internet, we have always been, and always will be, an entirely digital marketing agency. We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we take the time to understand our client’s organization and build campaigns that help achieve their goals.


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