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The Changing Landscape of SEO

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Search Engine Optimization has changed dramatically in the last few years. 

Krista LaRiviere, the Cofounder & CEO of gShift Labs, writes in the WSI Home Office Digital Marketing blog that 3 trends have caused SEO to change in a big way:

Firstly, the number of web sites, pages, blog sites and social media content has increased drastically from the days of only having a few million web sites online.  Today – millions of pages of content, blog posts and social media content are published daily on the Internet....

Secondly, competition has escalated during this period of time.  Now,not only do we have an ever increasing volume of content but also many businesses understand the art of search engine strategy and have started spending money on optimizing their web design and web content.  Businesses are actively measuring their results with analytics and making changes each month and they understand the value of being found naturally or organically in the search engines...

Thirdly, the entrance of social media to the search engine stage gives us even more we need to focus on. Social media has completely transformed how people share information – in terms of the social anthropology of storytelling (future blog post) and also in terms of how the major search engines have adapted to use social media factors in their search algorithms...

In addition, major search engines are developing relationships with social media web sites and Local search has become much more important in recent years as major search engines have made it easier to add local listings and in turn made it easier for users to understand that they have the option of searching locally.

In short, the SEO world is becoming much more complex. Business leaders need to understand the changing landscape of SEO and apply resources accordingly. In-house talent, interactive agencies and/or specialist consultants are all being hired to manage organic search efforts.

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